"Re-brand the gun debate. The greatest PSA campaign in the history of advertising is the Truth campaign, which did away with the traditional "smoking is bad for you" ads that proved ineffective. Instead, what the "Truth" campaign did was demonize tobacco companies—NOT demonize tobacco or tobacco users—and say THESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING YOU OVER. They are lying to you and trying to kill you and they are getting rich while doing it. When you change the language, you change people's perception of what's really at stake. Make this a crime issue, not an endless discussion about what guns MEAN to everyone."

From the gawker article: http://gawker.com/5968807/down-with-big-gun

Slow clap. No, fuck that A LOT OF CLAPS.

As a liberal who owns guns (and should you want to know why, you can ask but I don't hunt or have one for protection), I LOVE this idea. My FB is inundated with "gun owners are scum" posts etc etc. I think the generalizations are hindering the progress of this national conversation.